A traditional Greek dessert. Stacks of fillo pastry
and nuts with syrup. Served with crushed nuts
and a drizzle of honey.
Honey and Greek Yogurt
A traditional Greek dessert of Greek Yogurt
and Honey, topped with crushed nuts.
Delicious and creamy cheesecake
Served with strawberry sauce and cream.
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Rich and very chocolatey! Served with cream.
Carrot Cake
Moist sponge cake containing grated
carrots, topped with butter cream
Red Velvet
Decadent red layer cake with white
cream cheese frosting
French choux pastry filled with cream
and drizzled with chocolate sauce.
Layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and liqueur
topped with powdered chocolate and cream
Apple Pie
A full fruity apple pie with a toffee sauce layer and a thick crust. Served warm with cream.
Ice Cream
Chocolate, Vanilla or, Strawberry. Served with
your choice sauce and a chocolate wafer.
Extra scoop of ice cream
Hot Drinks
Filter Coffee
Espresso (small)
Espresso (large)
Greek Coffee
Mint Tea
Hot Chocolate
All Liqueurs
Tia Maria Drambuie
Baileys Amaretto
Grand Marnier Cointreau
Sambuca Port
All Liqueur coffees