Children’s Menu

Kids-MenuChicken Kebab            Grilled cubes of chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon juice & garlic.


Chicken escalope          Sauté chicken breast coated in  breadcrumbs


Lamb Kebab                Original Greek souvlaki. Grilled cubes of lamb.


Shish Kofta                 Grilled minced, with onions & parsley.


Soujokakia                      Mince lamb meatballs in tomato sauce.


Makaronia Fournou      Pasta cooked with minced lamb,

topped with béchamel sauce & cheese.


Scampi                        Deep-fried, with a touch of garlic


Kalamaria                    Deep-fried squid with a touch of garlic


Breaded cod                Deep-fried breaded cod.

Main courses are served with salad,

and a choice of chips or rice.

Excludes Makaronia

Each dish: £4.50